The Graduate Program in Museology at UFBA falls underCAPES Area # 31 -Communication and Information – with emphasis on the Contemporary Museological Theory, turned towards the study of museum processes, be them institutional or non-institutional. The program focuses on the relations of power and representations developed between cultural groups, encompassing historical and sociocultural issues,so as to emphasize theoretical-conceptual configurations,methods of approach, strategies, use and appropriation of the cultural heritage.
The PPG/Museum was established so that the students can be qualified for the Research and Higher Education Teaching in the field of Museology and Heritage. Qualification forMuseum activities,in defense of the preservation of Cultural Heritage (material and immaterial), Museum Communication and Social Development in public and private spaces are also contemplated.

The Program aims to:

Train and qualify people for Research and Higher Education Teaching in the field of Museology;
Develop research in the Museologicalarea focusing on Heritage, Museum Communication, and Social Development; 
Stimulate and spread the production of knowledge on Museology and Heritage generated in the Brazilian Northeastern and Northern regions.